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For instance, there is a story told of an astrologer of Meerut who was arrested after he had made a prediction about the death of Queen Victoria, but later released and rewarded by the then British rulers. Again we have here no way of knowing how he made that prediction. We, of course, have the great historical instance available of Samant Chandrashekhar of Orissa, the last astronomer without a telescope.

He was honoured by the British government in a special function. Such local legends have always been many until the 's, after which the editors of astrological journals and the writers of books got themselves publicised, with or without any merit. A name that is heard too often becomes famous in our age of publicity.

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The editor of an astrological journal has all the advantage of building up a big image for himself. Rarely has any such editor missed such an opportunity because of the financial advantage it gave to him. We had thus entered the pure mercenary era of astrology in a very big way. The astrological articles of that era were more cultural in content than technical in approach and methodical in analysis.

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From the standpoint of the nineties, they were totally substandard articles, often with wrong horoscopes, or only with horoscopes discussed with no other details. Some writers gave along with the horoscopes the navarnsha but also without discussing it. No other divisional horoscope was discussed and no dasha other than the Vimshottari dasha employed. It was the cultural era of astrology when we had preachers of astrology. In a way tha trend became unstoppable and continues even now.

The trend of writing had undergone a remarkable change, a welcome change. The new generation of students of astrology had a higher educational background, a better intellectual calibre but were de-Sanskritized.

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They had to depend heavily on the translations of the earlier era. In the meantime the controversy as to which was the correct ayanamsha became the biggest hurdle to further research in astrology. As it had to happen, the Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha Lahiri's approved by the Calender Reforms Committee got accepted by a majority. It was now possible to produce scientific, replicable researches in astrology with an ayanamsha which the earlier writers did not have, did not know and were averse to accepting.


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They called astrology a purely intuitive science, over-stressed the importance of worship and neglected the techniques given in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. In retrospect, the writers of that time could be described as the era of Preachers of Astrology whose sole contribution was the creation of a stage for the acceptance of astrology even in the age of science and technology in which astrology without replicable and scientific methodology was held up to ridicule.

Such attacks by the scientific establishment continues even now but are less virulent in India because even doctors, engineers and scientists in other disciplines have learnt astrology and found it workable. In that sense there is a tacit acceptance of astrology by Indian scientists who, naturally being the children of world's richest cultural and spiritual heritage, had the advantage of knowing the truth called astrology.

We must gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Preacher Astrologer for popularizing astrology but must not fail to point out that he lacked, for over six decades, the scientific curiosity to explore the real meanings of many terms used in astrology. Let us look at the vast areas of ignorance and the vaster gaps in their knowledge, briefly. They never knew how vargas or divisional horoscopes were to be used. They never did any research to find out how to use them.

The first break through in this area was made by Sheshadri Iyer and later by me and my friends. We have now been using the birth horosoope, the navamsha, the drekkana, the chaturthamsha, the vimshamsha, the chaturvimshasa the thrimshamsha. Once in a while I used Shastyamsha.

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Sheshadri Iyer was a bold innovator and he used the panchamsha, shastyamsa, and astamsha of Tajak astrology and made predictions. Then he brought into use the yogi and ayayogi from muhurtha and showed its use in natal astrology.

Iyer was a bold and brilliant astrologer, unlike the run-of-the-mill PreacherAstrologer whose platitudes, and one speech method of popularizing for three decades had become now like a lingering paralysis from a scientific point of view. The one-speech Preacher won the respect which we Hindus always reserve for the aged but then he paralysed astrological research. They dominated the stage and kept harping that one had to develop intuition to be a good astrologer.

True, one has to develop intuition which is the child of sincere worship of God. Was one to stop with mere intuition and not explore the various meanings of the vast techniques in the Hora Shastra? The Preacher-Astrologer became a bore, a burden, a stumbling block for astrological progress. He was, the Preacher Astrologer, a good scholar but a bad scientist. In our 'rishi' tradition in which we find a combination of the romantic sense of discoverers, like that of a great modern scientist, and deep faith in God, Rishi took a totally holistic attitude towards God and his Universe.

The era of cultural essays on astrology without any scientific presentation had to come to an end sometime or the other. One of the Preacher-Astrologers went to the extent of saying that no attempt should be made LC narrow down and pinpoint the timing of events. He did not remember when he made that statement that Maharshri Parashara had given five levels of dasha division of the Vimshottari with the clear intention of precisely timing events.

We have had to wait for six decades. In the eighties the scene changed radically. They discouraged the use of different da. When the king of the dashas, Vimshottari dasha, answers all needs, why use any other dasha, was their argument. They were not even prepared to face and answer the question, why did Parashara and Jaimini then give so many dashas for general and specific uses?

They used Jaimini only for the calculation of the span of longevity by using the Hora lagna, and even here had strong differences about the calculation of the Hora lagna.

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What about the use of the karakas of Jaimini, of bhava, ghatika, vamada lagnas etc? Then about the calculation of Brahma. If their method was followed there would be no Brahma in many horoscopes.


Why did Jaimini give different types of rajayogas, dhana yogas, arista yogas and even an entirely different type of Kemadruma yoga? Similarly, come to the Kaal Chakra Dasha which can be calculated in two ways. Which of the two was correct and how was it to be applied? The Mrityubhag given in Prashna Marg gives pointed results. How was this to be used? In the eighties a sea change took place in astrological writing.

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The scientific methodology of our age found its way into new style of astrological writing. This became largely possible because the teaching of astrology scientifically was started, mainly in Delhi. It led to a great astrological revival. It is now the Teacher Era of Astrology and the Preacher is relegated to the hinterland of the history of astrology, but respected still.

Good astrologers in our era thus fall clearly into three categories, the Preacher, the Teacher and the Preacher-cum-Teacher. It is when the Teacher Astrologer tcok to writing books and articles, that the prominent scientific slant and clear exposition began and made the books of the earlier era outdated. This trend has come to stay and will continue. It is likely that in the decades ahead, this trend will be developed to such an extent that the Preacher Astrologer will be forgotten, the Teacher Astrologer remembered, but his writings and researches would be scruitinised very minutely and even discarded.

Let us first have a quick view of the astrological scene from a researcher's point of view. What are the advantages and handicaps under which he has to work? They first need to choose an ayanamsha which works. For years the controversy dragged on. There is no doubt that the invariable choice has been the Chitra Paksha Ayanamsha Lahiri's. To my knowledge no research has been produced in this century which was not based on this ayanamsha. In the era of scientific astrology, the battle of ayanamshas will go on.

Till now the victory is of the Chitrapaksha Ayanamsha. It is not unlikely that in future an even more refined ayanamsha than this one will be used.