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I n order to astral travel, you first need to be in a hypnogogic state which is between being awake and asleep. You also have to be in heightened state of vibrational energy. But this has to be counterbalanced by your mind and body being a state of intense relaxation that is akin to deep meditation. In terms of brainwave activity, the optimal frequency for astral travelling is theta which is the brain state of REM sleep, hypnosis and lucid dreaming.

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It is the border between the conscious and subconscious worlds. And it is the ideal brain wave that enables our minds to connect with the Universe and manifest changes in the material world.

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It's important to understand that it is not your physical body but your astral and etheric body that transcends the material world and ascends into the astral plane. You may experience tingling or vibrations in your body at the point that your astral body is ready to separate or detach from your physical body.

And as your astral body begins to elevate, you may experience fear at letting go and losing self control. You will experience the sensations of height, speed and velocity and all the physical reactions associated with physical flight. When I first started astral travelling, I panicked when I looked down from the ceiling and saw my physical body lying still in bed. And I wondered how I would be able to exit my bedroom without opening the door. The moment that I started to allow fear and doubt to set in, I found myself crashing down and back into my physical body.

I advise astral travel novices to do their best to overcome the fear of height, speed and passing through solid surfaces and objects. Bear in mind that at any point in time, you can return to your physical body simply by willing yourself to do so. Your astral body is constantly connected with your physical body through a silver cord that is nearly impossible to sever. I recommend that you read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce if you're keen to study this in detail.

Regarding your second question, I was referring to one's inner energy which is harnessed from the Universe. To be able to communicate with spirit guides, you have to regularly cleanse your aura and raise your internal vibrational energy. Angels and spirit guides appear to me in their manifest forms complete with colours, outlines and sometimes details of their facial features and physical characteristics.

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  • They also appear to me as pure light columns. Being colour blind is not an impediment as you can still see the other aspects if you're clairvoyant. Where is it? I can't find it. Did you delete it? Albert Bare. Answer: Are you kidding? Here it is Al. Keep laughing On souls trapped in the afterlife: I believe in the afterlife. It is somewhere but I don't know where it is. If there is life after death, then Catholics are right when they say there is heaven, hell and purgatory. Is purgatory where souls are trapped waiting for something to happen or is it a place where souls await some sort of salvation from God?

    Yaacoub Nehme, Basra, Iraq.

    wrozbyonline tarot za darmo

    Answer: We have published an article on the subject. Here it is:. UFOs over California? The general belief as discussed in the forum is that UFOS first appeared in and thousands of people saw them. One guy posted this comment Yes they flew over California and three people talked to aliens when they landed in California and Missouri. I don't know what to believe. I read a lot about UFOS but there are so many stories that don't make sense. Georges Lemaire, France. Read our article on the UFOs sighting waves of It is well documented.

    Did Zecharia Sitchin invent Nibiru as the 12th Planet? Zecharia Sitchin wrote a whole book on Nibiru. He claims Nibiru is the planet of the Anunnaki.

    But science proved that Nibiru or the 12th planet as he calls is does not exist. I am aware he is is not a scholar of ancient languages.

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    He claims to be expert in Sumerian but I could not find any work he did in the field of ancient languages and especially in Sumerian. What the Sumerian tablets tell us about Nibiru and how Nibiru is written or what it means in Sumerian.


    - Coraz nie znamy uniwersalnej kwoty, która będzie korzystna, aby spieniężyć zapomogi.

    Abdel wahab Subhi, Cairo, Egypt. Answer: We do not criticize authors. If you want to know exactly what Nibiru means in Sumerian, and what the Sumerian Tablets mentioned about Nibiru, read below an article on Nibiru which is exclusively based upon the Sumerian tablets, as written in Sumerian and Akkadian. How about aliens? Still the United States government is refusing to admit any contact with aliens.

    Have you published anything on AUTEC and the secret underground bases where extraterrestrials and the government work together shoulder to shoulder on futuristic weapons? Ralph H. Did Gilgamesh visit Baalbeck: I could not find any information on Gilgamesh's visit to the Cedars' mountains of Lebanon. Is Baalbeck or Phoenicia connected to the Anunnaki? You know I am from Lebanon.

    Joe Bitar, Beirut, Lebanon. Beginning of Ufology: I thought ufology began at Roswell. Little did I know a German medium began to channel with extraterrestrials in Why nobody is talking about Maria Orsic? Am I missing something.

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    How did she communicate with aliens? Was it by telepathy or in real contact? Anthony Pratt. Answer: Maria Orsic is the most important name in ufology's history. Read Below an article about her and her channeling with aliens from planet Adelbaran. Best magazine in America: Marla, could you please ask Mr. De lafayette what is his favorite American magazine?

    Does he attend social events? Ed Sullivan. Answer: I did. He said the Paris Review. In his opinion the Paris Review is a national treasure, and he encourages you to subscribe to this magazine. He told me our modern world has changed and deviated from family values and what really counts, such as unconditional love, forgiveness and love for true art and literature. He has become a recluse mystic. Is she now writing a book?

    Is it published? I love to read what she has to say Alain Belanger, Paris, France. Answer of Natasha Blasick: Thank you so much, Alain. Sharing my goings on has been a great pleasure for me. Indeed I am writing a book. Between my actual experience with a UFO and my many otherworldly dreams, this story appeared in my mind, almost magically.

    Are they in English? I know she is Ukrainian, I thought maybe she starred in foreign films in foreign languages. Any idea? Gilbert Leblanc, Paris, France.

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    Answer of Natasha Blasick: Hi Gilbert. Thank you for asking. Death Of Evil is available on Netflix as a rental. I wish more of my movies were widely available. Paranoid Activity 2 is currently on YouTube in several parts, but that might change.

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    An unforgettable experience was shooting The Black Russian in India.