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With Siblings, this transit Is not going to affect then much and things will remain the same they are right now. You should visit Lord Hanuman Temple whenever possible and read religious texts which are dedicated to him. For Leo ascendant Jupiter is lord of the 5 th and 8 th house and works very good for them especially if it is unafflicted state and is a key planet in their developments. Jupiter is known to give them knowledge when placed in a good house in the unaffiliated state and when making a good relationship with auspicious planets.

So here we need to gauge a few things, like how Jupiter will respond with Ketu and Saturn because both of them are present therein sign of Sagittarius. This has huge potential for you and you will develop a new way of thinking and is the best time to restart things from scratch. This transit of Jupiter in 5 th House and is going to aspect on 9 th , 11 th and 3 rd house via its 5 th ,7 th , and 9 th aspect. So, this transit is looking very good for you and you will see some auspicious events in your career and will see a rise in wealth in your life.

There be a promotion or a salary hike, people will start to notice you and will appreciate your hard work.

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Even your enemies will bow down to your brilliance, all you need is Dahsa of a benefic or Yoagakaraka Mars. Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will bring opportunity for you to invest some good amount and gains will come in the future from it. Overall a very auspicious transit for you and is a once in a lifetimes opportunity for you.

So, this transit of Jupiter here will lead to some relief if you are going through health issues and the same time will make you adopt a healthy way of life. So as you know that 5 th house is the house of feelings and emotions and have a huge say in our marriage and another form of relationships. This transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign is very good for unmarried people because there will be a new found romance in them and they will look for a partner now.

Those who are looking to get married then this transit is very auspicious and you will be able to find the right match for yourself. This transit is very special for those who are looking childbirth and there is a sure shot indication that you will be blessed with a baby. With Father, this transit is looking auspicious and your father brother will be doing very good in this time frame. With Mother, this transit is going to improve her health and if she a working woman then she will see good events in her career.

With siblings, this transit is going to prove lucky for your elder sibling and both of you will be sharing a good relationship with each other. Since a lot is happening in your 5ht house in the sign of Sagittarius, you should do Lord Vishnu Worship and you can wear a Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl on the right-hand index finger. For Virgo ascendant Jupiter is lord of the 4 th and 7 th house and rules over very important aspects of their life. Same time Jupiter is known to cause Hamsa Yoga, result oriented Gaja Kesari Yoga and many other forms of auspicious yoga for them.

Jupiter will be over their 4 th house during its transit in Sagittarius. This transit of Jupiter over the 4 th House will be leading to auspicious over the 10th house of career. There will be a promotion and a salary hike provided you are going under an auspicious planetary dasha or an unaffiliated planetary period. Also, if you are into management then this transit will bring good results for you and you will be able to see a growth in it. Those who are into politics will see some good times and since elections are coming ahead they can expect good results provided their Horoscope have such combinations and are inauspicious dasha.

Jupiter Is a maraka planet for you and its transit in the 4 th house is looking auspicious for health also. You will see positive developments in your ongoing health issues and at the same time will lead a healthy lifestyle onwards. There will some positive events and high chances are there that there will be an auspicious ceremony in your family like marriage. If you are having some issues in your marriage then this transit will bring relief in your life. Your spouse will start to pay attention towards you and chances are there that you will be going on vacation until Jupiter is in Sagittarius sign.

With Father, Jupiter transit in Sagittarius will bring some good news in his career, especially if he is into Business.


Your relationship with him will improve a lot and some quality time will be spent. With Mother, since Jupiter is in 4 th house which is the house of mother, so some important event is going to happen in her life. Saturn and Ketu have bothered your mother a lot, but now it is the time she will seeing good events in her life.

With Siblings, you will see some arguments especially when it comes to views and how you see a particular situation. But the same time you will see that siblings will be doing good in their life and one of the siblings will get a chance to go abroad. The best remedy is to wear a Jyotish Quality Emerald or a Peridot, on the smallest finger of right hand. Jupiter is technically a malefic planet for you and tends to cause issues in life if unafflicted and in the relationship with functional malefic planets. But Jupiter does have a very important say in your progress and career because lordship of Jupiter over the 3 rd house makes it very important for you.

Especially for politicians and sportsman and keeping in mind that elections are coming soon, I think this transit is going to be very important. Jupiter will be going through your 3 rd house of valor and courage and will prove auspicious if you in any of the following fields:. Things are going to become good and you will be taking important decisions in your career.

Chances are there that, you will be planning to move or may change your organization, this transit is going to support it all. Also, a good chance is there that you will be going abroad and will try to stay there for a long period of time. Those who are into Business or Speculations they should not try too hard and be in limits right now because this transit is more about process and planning because when Saturn will go to your 4 th house in own sign in Jan , you will start to see positive results from the actions you will do in this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign.

Since Jupiter has lordship over 6 th house of illness and general health, this transit becomes automatically important for you. You will see a new zest and energy in you and will be making positives changes in your lifestyle. You will be able to find the right cure for your ongoing health issues and will be able to live a normal healthy life. Jupiter has a tendency to harm your relationship aspect and during this transit in Sagittarius from the 3 rd house, planet Jupiter will be casting a aspect over your 7 th house of marriage and related aspects to it.

So I think you should be taking the best possible steps to avoid conflicts in marriage and take good care of your spouse health. If there are negatives combinations which can affect your marriage then this transit can cause some serious troubles in marriage and mental peace. Also, it looks like you will be quite busy and may not be able to spend quality time with your spouse.

Those who are looking for marriage alliance will find some moderate support and marriage is possible only when auspicious dasha for marriage is going on. With Father, you will be seeing some miscommunications and arguments and you should try to avoid it at all cost. His health is also likely to go down and he will be struggling in his career especially when he is running a business.

For Mother, this transit is not looking that great and she may suffer from some health and relationship issues with your father and siblings. With Siblings, there is a great deal of negativity when it comes to your younger sibling and you should be taking best efforts to him or her. The best remedy for you is to make Yogakaraka Saturn strong via a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire or an Amethyst on the middle finger of right hand. This will activate your 5 th house of wisdom and you will be able to make better decisions in your life.

For Scorpio ascendant, Jupiter is lord of the two auspicious houses i. Jupiter works very well for them and tends to produce amazing results when it is unafflicted and is making relations with auspicious planets like Mars and Moon. This Jupiter transit in Sagittarius is going to be a game-changer because Scorpio ascendant natives are troubled by Saturn and now with Rahu-Ketu transit.

Money & Career

The 2 nd house where Jupiter will be going on is a very important house for both career and money. This presence of Jupiter there now will bring relief from all sort of negative things which were happening since November. There will be a rise in your salary and a hike in your position.

Your seniors will notice your hard work and will appreciate your work and will reward you for your performance. If you are in management side then you will good results and will see your juniors performing well. If you have the chance of getting inheritance then this transit is surely going to bring some good news on this regard. Overall, a good transit for you and surely Jupiter in Sagittarius will break the shackles and will liberate you.

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As you know 2 nd House is a maraka House and presence of Jupiter there is a good sign of improvement. You been bothered by the transit of Saturn and now Ketu in this regard and there were health issues and now things will start to get better for you and you will be able to find the right cure for your illnesses and will lead a better life.

Transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius sign over the 2 nd House is going to affect your marriage directly. This Jupiter presence in 2 nd house will improve your relationship with your partner. So you can expect some relief from it and there will be some auspicious events in it. You will be able to spend some quality time with your spouse. If you are looking for marriage alliance will find the support form planets provided you are running marriage giving dasha.


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If you are in a relationship with someone then you will be able to spend some quality time with your partner. With Father, there will be some good news in his career and you will be able to spend some good time with him. With Mother, there will be some good events and she will develop a good attitude in life and will find new energy. Jupiter is lord of the 1 st and 4 th house and is the most important planet for them. An Unafflicted Jupiter is known to protect the Horoscope and in the relationship, functional benefics like Mars and Sun creates Rajyoga of the highest order.

For quite a long time transit of the planet, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu are not supporting you and there were issues in your life in almost all aspect of life. But now with this transit of Jupiter over your 1 st house, there will be instant relief from the negative situations and you will start to see some good events. Consider this period more like a foundation forming period for your future.

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