Number 7 birthday boy

We love how these turned out and that each invitation was completely unique! For our dino party last year, we chose 7 of our favorite 1st-year pics to display like a banner. Crinkling up the edges of each leaf and layering them made it look more realistic. Like the epic nerds that we are, our family had a ton of fun thinking of ways to scientifically describe each dino — herbivore, sauropod, Jurassic, etc.

We whipped out our trusty laminator from teaching days gone by and BAM! As soon as we lock into a color scheme for decor, the rest usually comes together pretty seamlessly. Shades of green and brown worked perfectly for the dino celebration, punctuated by bright pops of red. We set those up on the food table along with smaller toy dinosaurs we already own. But we did incorporate a few dino-themed options :. Let them eat cake!

This was the easiest thematic cake to prep: chocolate cake, BAM. Basic chocolate icing, BAM.

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Out of a box or homemade? The cake, flanked with those huge rubber dinosaurs from before, again served as the perfect and yummy… decor! Finally, party favors are always a huge hit around here!

Our kids are usually more excited about the favors than they are about the food. Let go and they pop back up! Mamabare Suggests. Birthday party - seven years old card. Customize: Inside text only Inside Text: so join us for a celebration! Artist: Corrie Kuipers Product Id: Dancing fairies Birthday party invitation, 7 years…. Flowers and butter….


7th Birthday T-Shirts

Customize: Inside text only Inside Text: You are invited to a party! If you would like a different name put onto this card please contact me. I can usually supply any name within 24 hours. Flower fairies birthday party invitation 7 years o…. Customize: Cover photo, inside text Inside Text: Please join us for a seventh birthday celebration. Linscott Product Id: Original art and design by Anura Design Studio Design is available for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th birthday parties. Dinosaur roaring card. Customize: Inside text only Inside Text: I am going to be 7 years old!

Please come to my party. Birthday Cake Invite-7th card. Please let us know if you can come A retro inspired birthday party invitation, with a rainbow background. Glossy finish on this card, unless you change it to matte.

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  6. Lots of great visual texture and depth in this card. This design is available for ages 6 through 16, and no age or any age. You are invited to join in the fun. Date Time Place R. How can we help you? Comicbook themed sun burst in bold red, blue and yellow for a boyish feel, creates a WOW superhero styled birthday party invitation for the boy who is turning seven. Comic book and superhero 7th birthday party invitation in golden yellow, bright orange and hot pink with fun speech bubbles.

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    Cute little brown teddy bear holding a 7 glittering number and dancing through blue lights and daisies is a fun 7th birthday party invitation for that special little girl in your life. Celebrate with fireworks and balloons. Send out this birthday party invitation for that special little hot rod with this sporty red car and checkered flags card A hand drawn illustration of a princess colored in Photoshop. It will be really FUN!

    Cute little brown teddy bear holding a 7 glittering number and dancing through blue lights is a fun 7th birthday party invitation for that special little boy in your life. This beautiful princess, dressed in purple and pink, is holding a magic sparkly looking wand with the number 7.

    Trivia Game for the Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl

    A fun 7th birthday party invitation featuring grinning turquoise teddy bear holding a birthday sign with a bright background of trendy neon polka dots in shades of red, blue and green. It's a rainbow salamander! Eight brightly colored xylophone keys can each hold a letter of the birthday girl's name on this invitation with pink-and purple-patterned background, and there is also a spot to edit the child's age.

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    Please see all the cards in this series, including cards for family members, all ages, and party invitations. You are invited to a party! You are invited to a Flower Fairy Birthday Party! Please join us for a seventh birthday celebration. Country western theme through and through for the little buckaroo's seventh birthday, with a dark-haired cowboy in a red bandana with his name on it. Bright yellow smiley star birthday party invitations for girl's 7th birthday.

    Renz Arrel 7th Birthday "Welcoming the Birthday Boy"