Summer solstice march 26 astrology

For observers who do not live in equatorial regions, the sun rises much higher in summer and makes a greater arc than in winter.

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The further one goes north, the less high rises the sun at noon, and the shorter becomes the diurnal arc. Especially around the winter solstice 21 December , the sun is seen only near the horizon and only for a short time. If one stands on the arctic circle around that date, the sun appears only around noon on the southern horizon and shortly thereafter disappears again. Around the summer solstice 21 June it is the other way round. The further north one goes, the longer becomes the diurnal arc, and the nocturnal arc becomes shorter.

The southern hemisphere also has a polar circle, the antarctic circle, and one can observe the same phenomena there. Strictly speaking, this theoretical definition of the polar circles is only approximately correct. Because of the strong refraction of the sun light near the horizon atmospherical refraction , the midday sun is visible at the winter solstice even a little north of the polar circle.

And the midnight sun can be observed at the summer solstice even a little south of the polar circle. A special situation exists exactly on the north or south pole. During the whole day, neither a rising nor a setting of the sun can be observed. The sun remains at nearly the same height for 24 hours. Near the equinoxes 21 March and 23 September , again, it crawls along the horizon for 24 hours. At he same time, accordingly, the IC must be above the northern horizon. As a matter of fact, for some time every day, the MC is below the horizon in polar regions, while the IC is above the horizon at the same time.

In such cases, the whole lower half of the horoscope, i. In chart drawings of Astrodienst, the two celestial hemispheres are labeled with "above the horizon" and "below the horizon" in such cases. Figure: Astrodienst chart drawings indicate if the MC and the upper half of the horoscope are below the horizon.

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The dilemma is not easy to solve. It just did not make it above the horizon.

Its highest culmination is reached 12 hours later, when it stands significantly higher in the sky in southern direction. Astrodienst decides depending on the selected house system whether or not MC and IC should be switched.

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The house systems of Campanus, Regiomontanus and Polich-Page, by their philosophy, seem to recommend it. Others do not e. For hours during which the MC is below the horizon, traditional formulas yield an ascendant which is not on the eastern, but on the western half of the horizon. However, this result is not really correct. All celestial points that are on the western half of the horizon are, as a matter of fact, setting, whereas all points on the eastern half of the horizon are rising.

As the ascendant is by definition the "rising" degree of the zodiac from Latin ascendens , it can not be on the western, but must be on the eastern half of the horizon. While the MC is below the horizon, the ascendant is also retrograde. The reason is that, in this case, the zodiac intersects the horizon not in southern, but in northern direction.

This can be understood with the help of the following figure.

Summer Solstice & Astrology

The ascendant moves back from point Asc t0 to Asc t1. So the ascendant moves forward and backward, and it jumps. In fact, it does not reach all degrees of the zodiac. Consider this: On the summer solstice 21 June the sun never sets. The specific problem is: Article needs to distinguish clearly between different types of sidereal astrology.


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History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary. Stonehenge, in England, was built in three phases between about 3, B. Stonehenge has been a popular spot to celebrate this day because it was built to directly align with the solstices. But only during the Summer Solstice specifically does the rising sun reach the middle of the stones and shine on the central altar. There are those who believe Stonehenge was built with the guidance of higher forces who left sacred stone markers throughout the planet that allow human consciousness to remember that it was not born of this physical planet but came here as spirit, to return one day.

The Summer Solstice is a time of light and of fire. It is a time to reflect upon the growth of the season: the seeds that were planted in the earth and the seeds planted in our souls. It is a time of cleansing and renewal.

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It is a time of love and growth as well. With the warmth of the season caressing the land, the celebration of the Summer Solstice brings forth a truly joyous recognition that we can now enjoy the fruits of our labors in the past season. It is not surprising that this same spirit of pleasure and fun had carried over into our modern-day recognition of this, the longest day of the year.

This Summer Solstice is a great time to bond with your friends and family members. People should spend the days around the time of the Solstice with their close friends and family, developing connections and allowing themselves to feel happy and loved with those that are important to them.