Arvind kejriwal horoscope prediction

Whatever the case Mr. Kejriwal would do well to avoid any major controversies after Saturn Mahadasha starts. Saturn loves selfless service, devotion, honoring one's duty as well maininting a public decorum. Kejriwal has let his success go to his head on multiple occassions after swearing in as CM. Saturn being the task master that he is could turn life of Mr. Kejriwal upside down after August It is for Mr. Kejriwal to heed this warning just now and mend his ways.

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Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope

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Sitaron Ke Sitaare: Horoscope Analysis Of Arvind Kejriwal By Astrolger Shailendra Pandey

Arvind Kejriwal- An Astrological Study. View Comments. Get Online Consultation. Answer Type: Detailed Report. Short Answer. Number Of Questions: 1 2 3. Fees: 3. Follow Us. Loosing touch with real heritage. Words like culture, religion, are so much manipulated by and for politics. Durgati is the curse, Durga is the path to the cure. I was just discussing the same thing with someone and felt that our political leaders are placing more importance on kootneeti than rajyaneeti, the focus is more on subduing enemies and less on administration.

I think somewhere in some lecture you said that gayatri should be played in government offices to curb corruption,today i understand your logic behind saying so. I shall be looking forward to your article. Respected Sanjay Ji and other respected members, as you have drawn the problems in the chart, please suggest — if anything can be done to overcome these.

AK will not make any effort to correct these but in benefit of the country if anything we can do to save our own future — it will be great : if we can get your thoughts on this? Will write about Future of India soon. But I have mentioned in various forums that the period from is a Period of Corrections.

We have to correct all the wrongs we have done between , at the time of Independence.

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It is a time of introspection. So just blaming Governments is not solution. Today we blame Congress and tomorrow we will blame BJP. But the false promises are what we Indians are falling for because of our own greed. That is the real Rahu — all those false promises.

Arvind Kejriwal horoscope/Birth Chart and transit of Saturn

We had chosen to take the suffering necessary to correct the system. Why did you let us down? Once Transit Venus becomes direct, AK lost his raj yoga. In d9 Venus was conj Sun too then. His donations levels are reducing heavily from 40 lakhs per day to 3 lakhs per day. Once Transit Mars is retro in virgo and saturn in tula — AK is expected to lose his steam and his political adventure will be exposed and be reduced to spent force.

With Transit retrogression of saturn — he is unlikely to be a major force for next months. So even with favourable media for delhi assembly elections and loksabha — AAP will not be able to fare well. Very unfortunately, the gandanta will also have its effects. His contribution to the national thinking on correction of system will be substantial it is called viloma Chandra gati and he will focus hard on the social life, a clean life.

But he will always have problems from those who are closest to his heart. Like the recent Law Minister of Delhi Problem …. Sir, Whats going on in delhi?

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  • Just added article Kejriwal Kollapse. I think the article though technical quite impressive has failed to analyze native.


    Arvind Kejriwal and Analysis of his Horoscope, azbimarelo.ga

    Because author instead of looking at the chart of an invisible man is looking at the chart of man from whom he is already quite impressed so involuntarily is interpreting or seeing what he wants to see. We value the degrees and other accolades so much it just diminishes the capacity to see which otherwise are quite obvious. Whereas why we value it IIs so much, is just because in warrants a comparatively good living in otherwise resource deprived nation.

    No matter what tools we use we always spill our own color on the landscape of analysis. This quality to fall back is completely missing in genuine sacrificing mindset. As native now is in a jungle with Indara and the greed and fear unrelentingly dancing right in front of him; his twin self will eventually come out which might amaze him more than it will amaze others.

    I think your prediction about end of his career is correct though I think age of 50 is little too late. I am a Jyotish enthusiast no way can match your knowledge. Well, planets in upachaya and lords do give every human being the options where the human being decides. Jupiter and Venus are also lords of Upachayas. In the decision to have the power as Delhi CM, his choice of Congress was expected and I did win a private challenge on this.

    But it was a wrong decision. He should have backed out — time will prove these words to be correct. Kaushal, you see when I use the word Career, I use it not just for politics but also for social activism. He will continue, like so many do, but till 50 years. Politically, after the rains, the Sharad ritu will spell the impending trouble and from it will be quite tough.

    We Indians want stability and respect change, but with Dharma — that is something he must accept. He cannot continue to ignore Dharma Sun. Of course, once shani moves into vrischaka — he will be spent force in Indian Politics perhaps some revival when rahu transits in leo. He is trying very hard to get out of power for any lame reason, but unfortunately — is not.

    Future Prospects for AAP and Arvind Kejriwal

    I will not be surprised if few more rebels in AAP with venus becoming direct in next few days. Being too close to the Sun; the Mars, Mercury and Venus are combust and, therefore, losing upon their potency to generate results. However, some good advantage of the placement as well as of the auspicious union of the supportive planets for Kumbha Lagna may still be expected to generate similar results like education in the engineering field as well as getting success in civil services.

    And, during Mahadasa of Lagna lord Saturn and Antardasa of Yogakaraka Venus which is well placed in fifth house and having union with tenth lord Mars as well as with fifth lord Mercury and seventh lord Sun , such results can be expected. Besides, this is also supportive and indicative for inclination towards politics. The good placements of second, fourth, ninth and tenth houses lords in his Lagna Chart are also supportive for family and as per the available information, Arvind Kejriwal is having a reasonably secured family back ground.

    Gita Devi are not only well known in Haryana; they are also financially strong, well educated and kind hearted. In addition to this, some other facts and information are also being supported by this prospective and possible horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal. The Navamsha Chart of Arvind Kejriwal is also strong and supportive with most of the information and events.

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    On comparative note too, the matching of this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal based upon 16 June is far better against the horoscope based upon prevailing birth details 16 August at PM in Hissar, India. And, despite it being a farfetched one; I think, I can try considering this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal for analyzing and assessing the future probabilities of his political career. If any of the avid reader is having some additional information about birth details of Arvind Kejriwal; please do share.

    How will be the political career of Arvind Kejriwal? As per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; his political career is looking quite bright and promising. And, some glimpse of this strong impact of Arvind Kejriwal horoscope is likely to be evident during forthcoming state assembly elections of Delhi scheduled to be held in first week of December It may be a bit difficult to say if he is going to win the election as such I am not having the horoscope of his political competitors namely Smt. Sheila Dikshit ; but, if this assessment of mine is correct i. And, those trying to take him lightly may get some strong setbacks.

    Only requirement is that my assessment of his prospective birth date 16 June turns out to be correct; which I personally feel reasonably accurate and am also keeping my fingers crossed. The transit positions of major planets namely the Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are also showing very prominent support for his Lagna Chart; and, therefore, even if the birth time differs birth date remaining the same for a few minutes — the overall outlook of his Lagna Chart, Dasa and Transit are indicating success.